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Technology, Information
& Critical Infrastructure Protection

Technology, Information & Critical Infrastructure ProtectionStillwater Consultants recognize that organizations, corporations, and individuals are susceptible and vulnerable to intrusion of their private concerns, assets, and intellectual property.  Organized criminal activity is a recurrent reality in today’s society, with the compromise and theft of assets: personal information and identities, or corporate and institutional information and proprietary systems.  Cyber crime threats and information systems intrusions occur in real time.  Criminals use methodologies and tools that are constantly evolving to challenge law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

Stillwater assists clients with strategic consultation, utilizing specialized and trusted strategic partners to address the threats that clients face.

Stillwater Provides Technology, Information & Critical Infrastructure Consultation & Support:

  • Countermeasures for the monitoring and integrity of key communications and proprietary information
    – Video and counter surveillance for events, engagements
    – Internet activities and social media
  • Mail and package screening
    – Critical incident management
  • Enterprise access controls for critical infrastructure components
    – Facilities
    – Employees
    – Computer and Information Systems
    – Business enterprise continuity