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Investigative Services

Investigative ServicesStillwater Consultants draw upon subject matter expertise and experience from years of investigative experience, both in the public and private sector.  Investigations that identify criminal activity are often complex and require forensic analysis, identification, and synthesis of actionable information.  Stillwater maintains the relationships and has the ability to bring specific matters to the attention of law enforcement and regulatory agencies for consideration.

Corporate due diligence, audit, and compliance investigations also demand the necessary skill set and focus on a client’s individual industry and business.  Incidents that may affect a company’s brands, assets and critical infrastructure are time-sensitive and require a response that can offer immediate support and practical solutions.

Stillwater has the necessary resources to provide comprehensive background investigations including pre-employment checks, employee updates, and due diligence for business relationship engagements.  Records checks provide historical information; subsequently, Stillwater digs deeper by conducting personal interviews with key stakeholders and additional sources of information to paint a clear and comprehensive picture of the individual or entity.

Clients can be assured that the investigative process is methodical and thorough, confidential, and conducted with the utmost due diligence.  Stillwater investigations are results driven: we persevere until we meet your individual or collective objectives.

Stillwater provides investigations and inquiries for:

  • Insurance Defense
    • Litigation Investigative Support
    • Covert Surveillance
    • Witness Interviews
  • Consumer brand and supply chain integrity
  • Corporate due diligence, forensic audit, and compliance
  • Comprehensive background investigations
  • Situational awareness and Protective intelligence and information
  • Criminal and civil matters, financial frauds
  • Department of Homeland Security initiatives
  • Cyber-crime and network intrusions