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Executive & Event Protection

Executive & Event ProtectionStillwater Consultants draw upon subject matter expertise and experience in providing personal protective services for corporate executive leadership and events, celebrity engagements and special events, high net worth clients, and family enterprise.  With years of experience in both the public and private sector, Stillwater draws upon proven methodologies that will secure a venue, event, or provide day to day protection services for client needs.

Stillwater also provides comprehensive security operations consulting services to plan for the protection of places where people gather or conduct business.  These include, but are not limited to, corporate and institutional facilities, public service locations, educational environments, healthcare enterprises, public transportation providers, sporting venues, and retail establishments.

Stillwater will evaluate and benchmark corporations with current security plans and executive protection services.  Support of Homeland Security initiatives and timely topics such as targeted violence awareness training are available for client discussion.

Stillwater Personal Protection Services Provides:

  • Advance preparations and analysis for the protection of an individual event, venue, or long term assignment
    – Install specific physical security systems needs and controls
    – Identification and screening of individuals
    – Information and protective intelligence to formulate security plans and support a safe environment
    – Engagement with law enforcement and corporate security partners
  • Technical security for
    – A specific operational security plan for the screening and protection of particular assets, individuals or places
    – Countermeasures including pro-active surveillance and technical monitoring