Corporate Risk Mitigation Strategies 2016-10-22T10:24:49-05:00

Corporate & Institutional
Risk Mitigation Strategies

Corporate & Institutional Risk Mitigation StrategiesRisk is identified as “a probability or threat of damage, injury, liability, loss, or any other negative occurrence that is caused by external or internal vulnerabilities, and that may be avoided through preemptive action.” Simply stated, there are multiple risk factors to think about when it comes to protecting what is important to you: your family, your company or institutional enterprise.

Stillwater believes effective risk mitigation strategies begin with an identification of what matters most to our clients in the protection of their interests and assets. Risk mitigation strategies have to be effective and provide protection to our clients and their interests, both internally and externally. The plan needs to be flexible and able to adapt to new challenges.

Stillwater will develop and implement an individualized plan, taking measured steps to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment, benchmarked against a particular industry, by conducting site visits, pertinent interviews, stakeholder meetings, and reviewing documents, policies, procedures, and protocols. A risk assessment with categorical emphasis will identify potential problems across an organization’s enterprise, its assets, and operations. Results are obtained, qualified, quantified, and reported during a cohesive process, culminating in a proprietary and confidential report. For projects and initiatives still in the planning stage, Stillwater can build a risk mitigation plan and oversee its implementation.

Stillwater engages with and supports:

  • Corporations, their facilities, people, consumer brands, intellectual property, manufacturing and supply chain
    – Third party logistics warehouses, transportation providers
  • Healthcare and educational facilities, public service and utility providers and transportation agencies
    – Commercial properties, schools and campus environments, public utilities including water treatment and energy providers
    – Public transportation and transit providers
  • High net worth clients and family offices seeking enterprise risk controls and personal security consultation
  • Corporate facilities and campuses, sporting venues and stadiums
  • Attorneys for litigation support
  • Evaluation of physical security systems and controls and how they are integrated
    – CCTV cameras, access control, intrusion and fire alarms
  • Operational security plan
    Personal protection, site security assets and providers
  • Evaluation of information, intelligence, and the environment for risk