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Consumer Brand Protection

Consumer Brand ProtectionIn today’s consumer market, unforeseen problems arise from the exploitation of a company’s proprietary brands, products, and services.  Maintaining the integrity of a corporation’s intellectual property, brand integrity, and product supply chain is of utmost importance when it affects consumer confidence and loyalty to a particular brand or service.  Stillwater Consultants understand the need to preserve and protect a company’s reputation and business interests.

What can happen?  Illegal profits provide huge returns for criminals, while a company’s brands and legitimate supply chain are compromised for the illicit gain.  Popular and high value consumer products are diverted in the supply chain to illicit trade channels such as the internet and criminal organizations that thrive in the black market.  Products and packaging are counterfeited well enough to fool the unsuspecting consumer and put them at risk with inferior or dangerous products.  Internal and external theft remains a threat to many companies who manufacture, store, and distribute goods.  Cargo theft has become a global problem with dollar losses that have grown steadily over the last several years.  Revenue losses, the erosion of a loyal customer base and consumer confidence will definitely impact a company’s bottom line.

When called upon, Stillwater Consultants will address a particular company’s needs and create a response protocol to protect a company’s resources and proprietary assets.  Strategic approaches to provide real solutions include proactive investigation, incident management, engagement with law enforcement and regulatory agencies, law enforcement awareness training, subject matter expertise in technology, and anti-contraband controls.

Stillwater Brand Protection Provides:

  • Consumer product security and safety technologies consultation
    – Covert security features to distinguish packaging
    – Adulteration and product tampering
    – Anti-counterfeit detection strategies
    – Serialization and audit features
  • Law enforcement and regulatory agency engagement
    – Investigative support for incident and case management
    – Liaison and awareness training
  • Supply chain security consultation
    – Product manufacture through transportation, warehousing, consumer distribution and sales
    – Illicit internet sales and anti-contraband strategies