Cannabis Industry Risk Mitigation & Security Strategies 2016-10-22T10:24:48-05:00

Cannabis Industry
Risk Mitigation & Security Strategies

Cannabis Industry Risk Mitigation & Security StrategiesThe production and sale of legalized cannabis and adjacent products is an emerging industry generating high profits for corporations and interested business groups.  The cultivation and distribution of both recreational and medical cannabis for wholesale and retail sale poses challenges from a risk management and security operations standpoint.  Cultivation centers with growing, processing, storage, and transport operations must have tight controls and security safeguards in place to protect against internal and external concerns of safety and security, including organized criminal activity.  Individual dispensaries and retail sales locations have the same needs.

Stillwater Chief Security Officer Richard Podkowski has unique skills and experience gained from his corporate global security management position with a Fortune 100 tobacco industry corporation.  His experience with consumer brand protection, anti-counterfeiting and illicit contraband distribution, and supply chain security have provided Stillwater Consultants with subject matter expertise that is applicable to the cannabis industry.  CSO Podkowski has identified parallels with illicit activity and criminal enterprise that can potentially affect legitimate cannabis industry business and corporate profits.

In the last two years, he has developed consulting expertise in cannabis operations and facilities design with risk mitigation and security as the overarching themes.  Brand protection is a concern as cannabis products evolve and compete for market share.  Stillwater has definite brand integrity strategies for forward thinking corporations and business groups.

Stillwater Provides Consultation In The Cannabis Industry For:

  • Brand protection and cannabis product packaging security and safety features
    – Investigative support for incident management
    – Anti-counterfeiting and illicit distribution strategic consulting
    – Cannabis industry protective intelligence
  • Facilities design for risk mitigation, physical security, and security operations initiatives
    – Intrusion and fire alarms, surveillance camera technology, access control
    – Inner, middle, and outer perimeter controls to defeat progressive intrusion
    – Cannabis product cultivation, processing, storage, and transportation security
    – Law enforcement and regulatory agency engagement and training
    – Forensic audit and supply chain controls
  • Emerging technologies and support for product adjacencies