Evolution of Targeted Violence Necessitates Tactical Response Training

Evolution of targeted violence

Targeted violence can be broadly defined as any violent incident where an armed attacker selects a particular target, or, multiple attackers engage several targets.  In recent years, lone active shooter incidents have unfortunately become commonplace, both domestically and abroad.  Incidents are now expanded to include planned attacks using multifaceted, conventional and unconventional weapons and tactics.  These acts have been referred to by authorities as hybrid targeted violence (HTV) attacks designed to cause physical injury or death to a specifically identified person, group, or public gathering, at a specific, or multiple locations.

The use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as weapons has been supplemented with items used for everyday living.  Vehicles are now utilized in order to maximize fatalities and physical injuries on public thoroughfares, at public and private gatherings, and in confined areas.  Knife-wielding and other handheld weapon attacks perpetrated […]

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The Emerging Cannabis Concern – Protecting Your Brand

The Need for Emerging Cannabis Brand Protection

The cannabis suppCannabis Industry Risk Mitigation & Security Strategiesly chain begins with cultivation, and progresses through processing, packaging, storage, transportation, distribution, and ultimately ends, at the point of sale to consumers. Newly branded medical and recreational cannabis products are steadily entering the market in an emerging global industry. In the U.S., as more states allow legalized medical and/or recreational marijuana usage, the number of industry stakeholders and consumers will increase dramatically. Sales expectations are high.

As the industry continues to grow, cannabis companies with proprietary brands, […]

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Violence is the New Normal: Importance of Risk Management and Security in 2017

2016 will go down in history as a year of change in politics, business and international relations. Personal security was a driving issue behind this change. High profile attacks on civilian populations were ubiquitous throughout the year. Bloodshed that once seemed confined to third world, war-torn countries spread to seemingly untouchable areas. […]

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Supply Chain Security Mitigates Risk

Is Supply Chain Security Your Business Concern?

Supply Chain SecuritySimply put, if you make, store, transport, or sell consumer products, the answer is a resounding yes. Supply chain security and risk mitigation strategies apply to almost every consumer product business model. Whether your business is global, national, regional, or a local boutique will determine the risk mitigation strategies you need to implement and how granular they should be. Additional considerations include whether your products are high-value consumer goods such as electronics, tobacco and personal care products, or everyday necessities including food and household goods. […]

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Risk Assessment and Small to Midsized Businesses

Risk Assessment for Small to Midsize Businesses

Stillwater Risk Assessment

Are you a small to mid-sized business (SMB) or a growing corporate entity? Maybe you own an automobile dealership group, a small chain of high-end food stores, restaurants, or day-care facilities. Maybe you are a medical group with regional facilities, or you manufacture, store, or sell high value consumer goods. You have planned, invested resources, and you are growing. Are you aware your business is susceptible to internal and external criminal activity or targeted violence that can affect your assets and employees? Have you thought about your risk exposure, security controls, and protection of your people and assets? Do you have a plan in place if something bad happens at or to your place of business? Do you have an incident management and recovery plan? Do you have someone in your organization responsible for […]

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