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“Stillwater Consultants provide strategic risk mitigation and operational security solutions to protect our client’s interests and assets. Stillwater’s objective is to not only meet, but exceed, client expectations”

Strategic Risk Mitigation Leader | Stillwater Consultants, LLC

Stillwater Consultants provides strategic risk mitigation and security services. We offer comprehensive support to not only meet, but exceed, our client’s expectations for tangible and measured results.  We focus on the protection of the client’s enterprise, including critical assets, infrastructure and people. Our solutions are based on the insights and exceptional practical experience of our organization and staff. We offer an extensive range of strategic risk mitigation and operational security services that can meet your immediate and long term needs.

Our team, led by founder and Chief Security Officer Richard Podkowski, has years of experience in operational security, corporate risk management and law enforcement. Stillwater Consultants is staffed by former career special agents of the U.S. Secret Service, FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), U.S. Customs (ICE), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), major metropolitan police departments nationwide, and corporate security executives for Fortune 500 companies. Stillwater’s strategic partners are highly qualified to perform the necessary tasks to secure and protect our client.

Previous clients come from both the public and private sectors, companies and institutions large and small. Stillwater has worked with regional public transportation, high net worth clients, consumer product corporations and their supply chain operations, and educational institutions.

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